Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or commonly referred to as SEO is the ongoing practice of enhancing your website’s search rankings by improving structure, content, and associated conglomerates. There are many different components to white-hat SEO that go into increasing the organic search rankings for your brand. SEO is important for any brand. It does not matter if you are trying to sell products online or get foot traffic at your local business. Organic traffic from high-quality keywords is the most valuable traffic a brand can get.

Your search rankings is our business

 Sommer Branding can increase the website traffic of any company. A productive SEO campaign starts with research & analysis. Sommer Branding is experienced and up-to-date with latest ethical SEO practices.

Website Analysis & Keyword Research

When getting started with SEO, we must first analyze your website. We’ll then perform keyword research. Keyword research gives us a better idea of what it will take to increase your rankings as well as the potential increase in traffic your site will have. Ultimately, we strive to add high-quality traffic to your website. High-quality traffic always turns into high-quality leads and then into conversions or clients. Our ultimate goal is to get our customers more visitors and higher conversion of sales and leads.

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Sommer Branding will perform both on-page & off-page search engine optimization. Our on-page SEO consists of internal link-building, blog posts, content improvements, meta information, robot txts, and much more. And likewise, our off-page SEO consists of external link-building, press releases, and other white-hat SEO techniques. All of this stuff helps search engine algorithms see how great a brand you actually are.


Do not go blindly into an SEO campaign. We want you to understand our proven process because it is important for us to not only improve your rankings but also communicate the steps to you. Sommer Branding tailors the following process uniquely to each client.


We analyze your website and we will recommend structural and design improvements.


Keyword research is an important part of SEO. We will curate a list of suggested keywords to target.


On-page SEO optimization is the ongoing task of improving your website by making it search engine friendly.


Both internal & external link-building is important. External link-building generate traffic and authority. Internal link-building helps with search engine readability and website functionality.


Everybody wants to know how things are going. So we tell you. Each month, our SEO reports will show you what we have done and how your website is performing.

Why SEO is Beneficial to Your Brand?

Search Rankings

Search Engines are the primary way people find businesses, products, or services. Search rankings matter!

Major Search Engines

Over 95% of people begin their web browsing through major search engines such as,
Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL.

Effective Strategy

SEO is a great way to get in front of new customers. Not to mention organic traffic is the best traffic!

Billions of Search Results

Billions of searches are performed daily. As technology advances the numbers only increase.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the highest quality traffic a website can get. High-quality traffic means high-quality leads.

Lead Genergation

SEO improves organic traffic. When you have relevant organic traffic you will generate high-quality leads which leads to more sales.

WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • One of the best theme I have ever used. Every minor detail has been taken care of. Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website. Excellent template.

    John Anderson
    John Anderson
    Risotto Co
  • Lida has assisted me with questions in regards to web hosting and has offered me more insight in half an hour than my current host did in all the years I have been with them.

    Lida Smith
    Lida Smith
    Mexin Co

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